“Fuck Kony, Smoke Weed.”

This band is bringing punk back to the scene.  CLOWNS have 4 members. Adam on guitar, Jake on drums, Steve on Vocals and James on Base. They’ve been playing together for about 2 years now. Adam is the newest member of the band since his just joined about a month ago. Before entering CLOWNS, Adam played in a band called SCAPE and Steve was in bands through out high school. When their not playing shows, they all work, go to Uni, drink, smoke and skateboard. Not a bad life style if you ask me, I miss those days of doing fuck all and enjoying life.

They feel that the scene is evolving. It has its ups and downs but over all its getting better. Growing and evolving to something out of the ordinary. These guys see them self hopefully still performing in the next 5 years.

“ If it doesn’t go well, I’d prefer if you didn’t ask that question.”

All these guys are devoted to music, just doing it for the pure enjoyment of being free out there and letting others enjoy what they produce. They enjoy putting on shows with bands that they want to see live. “Hopefully playing for more then 2 heads.”

When growing up, they looked up to guys like Johnny Cash, Thrash, Anthrax, Slipknot, Korn and of course some good ol Black Flag. All these guys got into playing music by either filling up their time or by having musicians as family members.

“ Inspired to be a rock star since I was around 8 years old.” – Steve

These guys aren’t in it for the money or the fame. Its more about time filling, creating flyers and other aspirations. I take it to just do what you want and say fuck everyone else. We are human beings and no matter what happens in life, were gonna end up doing what we choose too in the end. If these guys could be doing something else, they would either be playing footy or something involving with music. “A real tragedy if it wasn’t music.”

Its always really awesome to speak to a bunch of kids who have such passion towards music. The drive to just do it no questions ask. To be in bands is no easy tasks which I’m sure most of you know if you’ve been in them. Its like a relationship but dealing with close aspects of creation. But to make music with a bunch of friends is pure love. Whether it be hard core, metal, punk, indie rock or even country. Music is music and we should all do it because we love it, not because were forced. That goes for anything you do in life.

“ Never trust a church or a politician.”