“I don’t like to say design, I like to say creation.”

Meet Craig, he’s a creator of many things, from chairs to clothing. He put together a studio for many artists last year and it is still running with more then 8 artists on board. Craig has been freelancing since 2009 after finishing his Masters degree. He got really involved with design after high school ‘cos he enjoyed just putting things together from scratch. Whilst at school, he first wanted to become a rock star but soon found out he wasn’t cut out for that scene.

He grew up idolizing his grandmother as she did everything herself. Her passing in 2009 has been one of his toughest challenges. Craig even dedicated a book to her after the loss.

“ She was a great trooper…She never used to buy anything, just make it herself.”

I’m guessing it helped him to really push hard to get what he wanted, a good challenge to develop the human mind. It’s never easy to go through a phase like that, as it comes with childhood love and inspiration. But the memories and goals that come with that make it worthwhile and a difference can happen in a positive manner.

Before he was even studying or designing, Craig worked at Coles at one point, “ Finding mice around the shelves ”, as he puts it, but it didn’t last long… Thank god.

He sees himself still creating something from nothing in the next 5 years.

“ Hopefully I’m alive.”

If Craig wasn’t doing this, he would probably be running a street kitchen. He only regrets an incident while in primary school when he tricked his friend into walking into a pole. If that’s the only real regret he can remember, you can imagine what kind of a guy he is. Craig would like to move to a place where he can grow his own food and get his own water. Real outdoors, saying ‘fuck everything’ kind of a guy. Would like to just get off the grid if he had a choice.

What inspires him most are other people with similar views. That’s why he enjoys the studio so much – for the sake of having so many conversations and similarities.

“ The Design industry is a bit shit. Too hard to express your- self in the design world. We don’t appreciate concept even in Australia.”

If Craig had one wish, he’d wish for more time to do more stuff. Would be nice if you think about it. To accomplish more than you visualized and dreamt of? But I guess everything has to end so there is room for new and improved visionaries and drivers.

So everyone, be ready to be introduced to some new furniture in the near future. Not by those factory operated machines, but by his bare hands. Craig builds all his chairs and other collectables with god’s gifts, or whatever you want to believe.

His last words for this spread are “just be honest”.