“I don’t do graffiti, I’m a muralist.”

This is Drew Funk, he’s from Malaysia and is here to do what he does best, and that is to create.

Developing the subject matter into a true vision through his art. Drew is 28 and lives in Melbourne Australia. He came here from Klang, Malaysia, years back to finish his degree in design at RMIT. 11 years later and he is still here working in the design field – from corporate work to freelancing – but he only accepts work attuned to his own ideals. He’s not your everyday artist. I mean, yea, others also have the passion to work hard and play hard, but Drew always stays faithful to his own beliefs and cred- ibility, which affects how he chooses jobs.

“My Art is my story… My city, my home.”

If Drew wasn’t doing what it is right now, he’d probably be a regular designer, working a 9-5 to feed his 3 kids and French bull- dog. That’s his context, of course, but hey – we all got that something. Everyone has their own way of moving and Drew’s way is for culture and love. His great Uncle was his inspiration growing up, the man was a true dragon artist and from then on, he got hooked to the ‘toons. From dragons to cartoons, to ninja turtles, all the way through anime and Disney shows. Inspiration comes from our environment. What surrounds us as we move on and build is just part of the process. That’s why when meet- ing Drew, it really widens your perspective on life in general – the story and stepping-stones to get you where you are today, now, or even in 5 minutes. Drew really enjoys his history on all dragons. He even brought to my attention during our chat, that their were only 3 toes on the Japanese, 4 toes on the Korean and 5 toes on the Chinese dragons. Who would of thounk it.

“ I want to be known as the dragon painter in my Chinese culture.”

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. Drew encountered one of his scariest experiences whilst creating – when he was bombing in Malaysia and got caught. Having to deal with barbed wire, hiding in bushes and a lot of manoeuvring. Drew thinks that the movement is growing and evolving. Explaining how diverse it has gotten since the beginning is a story by itself.

“ It’s already taken over, I think people should know about it.”

This man grows from what he has, not on what he has not. It’s time for a new start in the process of his journey. If Drew had one wish, he’d wish for his family to be here. Drew plans to have his own studio in 5 years. Travelling overseas with Melbourne as his base is how it is today. Right now, Drew sees travelling to Europe and further evolution as an artist as the next step.

So that pretty much sums up who this cat is. Doing what he does for the sake of pure enjoyment, not letting anyone run his life or lead him in other directions. What he wants, he does, not only for the sake of spreading the word, but to really change his- tory with art. So watch out Europe, ‘cos Drew Funk is coming for you next.