“I just draw stuff.”

Words aren’t enough describe things sometimes.  When you think of designers and illustrators, you sometimes are envisioning more of a cartoon look. But Eric, he has a different point of view when it comes to artists expression.  He shows the realism of what he sees in his own mind.  Pretty much everything you see is from scratch.  The man has the vision of taking over (with his work of course).  Sure as hell, he is on his way.  So far Eric is a freelancer.  He used to work for some companies back in the day, but prefers to have his freedom (as would most of us would, but not many can actually take the stand)

He’s the kind of guy who inspires others.  Not many people can come up with ideas and finish with even better results.  He works mainly though Photoshop, but don’t let that trick you with this guy- he puts his thoughts on paper or what ever is in front of him.  A lot of designers and such don’t have the talent to always to draw what they imagine.  I know I can’t, but that’s because I’m more of a corporate designer.  People like him on the other hand, have the gift of a natural born killa.

Eric is only 28 years old, and yet feels like his still 19 with his out going personality, and his focus on enjoying himself.  Doing what you love isn’t always easy when you insist on having more freedom with your work.  There’s a lot of sacrificing that has to be done when you don’t really know when your next pay check is coming in, but I guess passion just speaks for itself with E.