“I’m a kid inside, always wanting to learn more.”

You know things are twisted when they come at you with no pressure. The opposite obviously, because fast and great are two words for this guy. (Not in a sexual way , just talking about his quick knowledge on being an artist. That’s all….sick minds….)

We start in Colombia, where Jaba grew up there. He also spent part of his growing years in Belgium. He first came to Singapore because of a good job offer with LucasFilms, where he worked for about 4 years. Now this guy is sharing his ways of being an artist to others, teaching future ‘Job title: Artists’ at Nanyang Polytechnic. He gets to spend more time on projects driven by passion – of wanting to create something meaningful instead of chasing other dreams.

Jaba’s real name is Didier. He’s 36 years old and still does what he loves.
Some people don’t understand that concept of being happy sometimes.
“They” all want to just make money, to have more control, to have new obsessions. But being an artist of this kind really requires a creative perspective. Some people have it; some people wish they had it. The chosen few who really have the passion and drive to make it happen are the special ones. Artistry at its finest, I say.