“I hate having my photo taken.”

So when it comes to photo shoots and models, Kathrine Boyle is where to look at.She started taking pictures at the age 14. It mainly started with black and white film but then developed to digital. Kathrine started to really fall in love with this art when shooting a close friend which happened to be a model. “It was more of an after school activity, the school offered it.” This was the beginning of her career and passion.

She grew up all over the world from London, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore and Australia. Being that she states was probably the toughest challenges growing up. But over all, it was good that it happened for her to meet others more easily and to not put her self in situations shes not comfortable in. More street smart I say.

Kathrine thinks the scene these days is good. Loads of competition as well inspiration. She enjoys the ability to share what ever when ever, for example tumblr blog. Shes currently studying at RMIT in photography in her 2nd year

“I don’t look at it as a job, I just love it…Fashion…I just love working with everyone on set.”

Her biggest inspiration is Steven Meisel whom shoots for Vogue. “I look up to him a lot…” she says, and it shows from her imagery and how she looks through that hole.

That purity on the odd and ordinary yet beautiful and luscious views of human life. If Kathrine could live anywhere in the world, she would choose London, its her 2015 future goal.

Out of all decisions shes made, she has no time to look back. “ Everyone makes mistakes, just learn from them.” Which I think everyone should agree on since right is right and wrong is wrong.

“I’ve always known I wanted to be a photographer. Since the time I picked up a camera.”

Some people are dreams, and some people are drivers, Kathrine here is a real motivated spirit who’s seeking to be at the top. What can you say, its her destiny from here on out. The hardest thing about what she does is receiving criticism. Sometimes its good to her but other times she questions her self if she can actually do it.

“If you give up, it wasn’t worth it.”

Kathrine wishes to shoot for Vogue in the future, wanting to work with the best models in the world.