“Misconception of drive bothers me.”

Sometimes, it is easier said than done. It happens when you come into life at full throttle. Yea, life throws you lemons but aren’t we supposed to be around to catch them? I don’t think it’s very necessary to just give up hope and passion. It’s what drives us to become who we are today.

So right now, we introduce to you Nicholas Ong. He’s an old school guy who keeps on moving even though lemons get thrown his way. It’s not always so easy to just keep putting one foot in front of the other when bumps come and come and come. But we all know the right way is better than the wrong way. This is what he has done. This Kat is 29 years of age and is still b-boying till today. You wouldn’t notice it but this man has got 2 degrees and speaks 7 languages. I can’t say many people have accomplished that in their lifetime.

Nick is from New Zealand. He has been living in Singapore for about 5 months now, working at a dance studio called Recognize. He was originally from Malaysia but then headed out for a new path. Nick primarily works in the field of Marketing. However, he dabbles is a host of other activities. Multi-talented you can say.

His b-boy crew is called Loko-Motion. In this line of enjoyment, packs are needed. Even for just regular situations, like going out with your boys and enjoying all of what life has to offer. The crew consists of 4 other members. A pack of five works out well for putting up shows and working as a team just to break.

It’s not always like how you see it in the movies with the crazy lights and acting out parts. It’s a feeling of raw footage, as if wanting to be a part of something – you need to start somewhere. Experiences, it’s always going to be great going through them whether or not it’s bad. Let’s just do what we do to move with the times. We’ve got one chance, let’s just break.