“ If I didn’t skate, I’d probably be dead or something.”

Here’s a board rider who gets through his days by skateboarding. Without being able to ride his board, Sebastian would probably still be doing the same old corrupted things he used to do. Sebastian is now 25 and has been skating since he was 13 years old. But he hasn’t stuck at it fulltime in the 12 years since, he has been on and off with the sport. He started out by being influenced from friends. One of his mates had a board and from then on he was inspired to skate. Sebastian dreams to be sponsored for the sake of having free decks and doing what he loves with an income.

“ It’s in every skater, I just skate for the love of it. If I didn’t skate, I’d probably be dead or something. Just skate for fun now.”

When growing up, Sebastian idolized Rodney Mullen and pretty much anyone from Baker, Deathwish or Shaker. Also influ- enced by a man they call Lizard King. He feels that the scene is pretty good, growing and growing, with new and improved skaters all over the world. He feels that the YMCA located in the city is really good for skaters to do what they do. The only negative thing he mentioned was that he wishes there were less scooters out at the park.

“ If you’re on a scooter, you’re fucking gay. The age cut off should be at 13.”

Sebastian is a real-hearted guy who seems to have been through a lot in his life. One of those guys who keeps on trying but things never seem to go right. Always feeling the world is against him when some good is all he asks for. At the end of the day, you just have to focus on what you really care about instead of the things that don’t really matter. That special some- thing to get you out of the house and be motivated to do what you love. Here’s a little more about Sebastian, the soon to be sponsored skater.