“Our greatest gifts is a pair of hands.”

Talk about a twin-like brother whose interests and motivation seems entwined. Zaldy is 29 years old just beginning to freelance, liberating himself from corporate desks. But don’t get me wrong, he’s been taking pictures for 8 years now. First starting out with film, then pursuing his visions within the digital world. It wasn’t ‘til after school that his interest in photography began. His cousin took a trip and snapped some images at a beach, and from then on he fell in love with the art of imagery.

“ When I was growing up, we had a film camera but we couldn’t use it for financial reasons.”

What interests Zaldy most about photography is how you can see the world differently, through so many different angles. He gets inspired by what we think is mundane, like gutters and trash bins – a lot of experimental stuff. He feels that the scene is moderate, it’s good and bad but kind of overrated in the middle.

“ ’Cos everyone has access to digital, sorta lost the art, just got good cameras.”

One of Zaldy’s toughest challenges is to capture a strong image with purity and misleads. Since he likes to document life in general, he finds it quite difficult to not get too personal and to ensure he doesn’t disturb the scene of being real. This guy is all about the reality and the differences in life. Wanting to discover the mind as well our choices in this world.

When growing up, Zaldy idolized James Dean. “I wrote a biography about him a long time ago. My cousin Lee had a picture up in his room back in the Philippines. Thought it was really cool.” He also really enjoys music even though he can’t play instruments. Enjoys dancing to funk and soul, reads books and enjoys being outside when he has free time. Also really enjoys taking pictures of landscapes.

If Zaldy could be anywhere in the world right now, he would choose to go to Iceland to take photos of the landscapes. Pretty much anywhere in Scandinavia, in fact.

“ Grab your passion and go for it. That’s what I tell myself everyday.”

His only real regret in life is that he didn’t start freelancing earlier in his life. Spending 8 years on something that he didn’t believe in, he wishes he stepped up to the plate earlier and took on his passion. But it’s never too late, I say, better late then never. At least this man’s got on the one-way track, creating what he wants, the way he wants, other than shooting for clients at weddings or other events.

If Zaldy had one wish, he’d travel on his own to see the world, to inspire others to be creative and to just try.